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  • Guangdong (International) Hotel Management Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as GDHM) is the international hotel management group under the Guangdong Holdings Limited (Guangdong Holdings Limited is currently the largest comprehensive international enterprise group in Guangdong Province), which was founded in the mid-1980s. Currently, our hotels are located in Hong Kong, Macao, the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, the Bohai Sea Area, Central Plains and Southwest etc..

  • GDHM adheres to the corporate culture of "Integrity, Honesty and Profitability"; lifts the management philosophy of modern enterprises to a new level; superior management maintains "international standards while retaining distinctive Chinese characteristics"; service philosophy of "Integrity and Courtesy"; treats employees with consideration and fairness while adhering to the rules and regulations; implement professional, personalized, diversified, distinctive, innovative services and management; continuously improves the hotel culture; efficiently and effectively allocating resources and hotel staff to the benefit of guests; create significant competitiveness and profitability in the fiercely competitive hotel industry, GDH has achieved the extraordinary performance of keeping all hotels profitable while greatly increasing the value of the hotel group; expansion of the Group through international promotion and high quality service; 

  • At present, GDH hotels are leading the market for pricing, occupancy rate, gross operating profit and guest satisfaction compared to rival hotels in the same region, resulting in social and economic benefits. The "Report on Chinese Hotel Group Development" has pointed out: "GDHM and several of its peers have expanded rapidly on the basis of large scale with strong growth potential; one of the most extensive domestic hotel networks; the intensive training strategy by the headquarters team has been very successful in cutting the loss of high-performance team members while consistently maintaining service standards into the future.