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Following GDHM's "People-Oriented" employment concept and the company's strategic development goals for the next five years, we are dedicated to improving the overall quality, business skills and comprehensive quality of the management team by the training and development of employees ;to optimize the talent structure as a whole, and cultivate high-quality talent who comply with the Group's strategic development goals, have an international perspective and to enhance the cohesiveness and comprehensive competitiveness of the company. With a variety of training methods, the company organizes the mid and high-level management personnel, the key-role employees and the outstanding employees of the group members to participate in domestic and foreign famous experts' internal training courses, college and university studies, professional qualifications and training in the training institutions. At the same time, the Group has deployed all levels of personnel throughout the year to implement the various levels of learning programs of the GDHM Network Training and Education Institute, and regularly arranges the specialized internal training for the middle and high management personnel. It has established a team of internal trainers with high professional quality, management ability and business ability and a series of internal training practical courses to be fully and effectively utilized as internal resources.

Concept of Talent

GDHM considers hotel talent training as a strategic task and earnestly attaches importance to investing in personnel training and cultivating the following selection criteria for GDHM talent: integrity + ability + performance.

GDHM always adheres to the management philosophy of "people-oriented, strict management, and treating employees fairly". We deem the career planning of talent as an important part of the development and management of hotel talent resources. We believe in keeping that talent through career development, and prospects within the Group. We expect equal responsibilities and interests between the company and employees; will provide the conditions for personal growth to cultivate new growth points and power sources for the development of the group. The construction of the GDHM talent system is open and has a corporate atmosphere of humanistic care. It has formed a powerful attraction for outstanding talent. The sense of belonging and the cohesion of enterprise have been continuously enhanced. Recently, the loss rate of executives in various regions has been low.

Why Us

GDHM is headquartered in Hong Kong. It has two serial brands, the five-star standard "Guangdong International Hotel" and the four-star standard "Guangdong Hotel" brands built with the concept of "International level, Chinese characteristics". It is currently the largest hotel management group in Guangdong Province. It has been counted in Chinese Hotel Industry Association's list of the "Top 30 Largest Hotel Management Groups" for ten consecutive years. By the end of 2018 more than 40 hotels were managed by us in Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Dalian, Zhengzhou, Nanjing and Dongguan, with assets totaling more than RMB 8 billion.

Job Vacancies
Title Department Workplace Deadline
Hotel General Manager Operation Department Nationwide 2019-12-31
Hotel Sales Director Sales Department Nationwide 2019-12-31
Hotel Finance Manager Finance Department Nationwide 2019-12-31
Director of business development of GDH Operation Department Shenzhen 2019-12-31